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Do you still have those old clunky wind breakers starched away somewhere in an old wardrobe? If you do, good! If you don’t it’s okay but do you still remember how they felt on you then? If you still don’t then you must be a teen. You probably were not born when it was still very much in vogue, a chat with a much older friend on how it felt on them would give you a good idea of how it looks like. Now have you seen the latest wind jackets? Have you tried them on? Do you notice how light they are? You probably would be almost tempted to think the old bulky jackets would do better than today’s light jacket but try both out one at a time skiing from the peaks and you will have a change of mind. Although it is difficult to come to terms with how a lighter jacket does a better job than a heavier and much bulkier jacket, it is incredibly the case. That’s why I am of the opinion that its price band of over $100 isn’t just a tactics to give buyers a false impression of quality but a reflection of the jacket’s value. Today’s wind jackets are so versatile that they fit for a variety of uses. They are good anti- rain and anti- wind jackets. You could also choose to make them your last layer of protection on the outside in very warm and other health threatening conditions as you wear them on top light weight jackets, down jackets and base layers. However, you don’t want a jacket that would malfunction so it is important you look out for the following features.

Water Resistance: All the encomiums and approval pervading this guide hitherto does not in any way suggest that it protects you against everything. It is bizarre to expect it to protect you better than a blanket in fire or better than a rain coat in the rain. It is just a wind breaker. Talking about its water resistance ability, it won’t do better than offering you protection in a light rain. All it has as its protective cover are hard coatings overlaying breathable fabrics. You don’t expect it to outperform jackets made of hard shell, water proof breathable membranes or even those made of non- breathing coated nylon.

Breathability: A typical wind jacket would breathe better than any water proof breathable material as the coated layers are not as thick and completely covered as a water proof jacket. One very important characteristic that a jacket has which makes it breathe better is ventilation. A good jacket has many vents that permit sweat to escape in form of water vapour. for example the wind jacket has such a long zipper that it runs almost from the neck region down the front. Pore openings on the zip line are important venting points. Other venting areas on a jacket include zippered pockets that are meshed lines, pit zips and breathable covering around high sweat areas including the armpits and the back.

Weight and Compactness: The major unique selling point of a wind breaker is that it is lightweight yet very effective at protecting against the cooling effect of the wind. This light weight makes it easy for you to fold it up and carry it with you everywhere you go. So going hiking, skiing or cycling where you have to descend from heights that are very steep just got more exciting; The fear before now is that as you descend at high speed, more wind pressure blows on your sweaty body as a result you are shivering after each descent. Simply allay those fears and dawn a wind jacket; you would want to descend the slope again and again. You can’t get your outfit wrong with a wind breaker jacket as it is so versatile that it fits so many other uses. And just in case the clouds suddenly become heavy and it starts drizzling, pick your bike, hop on it and head home before it begins to rain heavily; you won’t get wet as you would have if you were putting on ordinary clothes that is because wind jackets are little water resistant and very breathable.

Fabric: A good fabric for a wind breaker is typically lighter and thinner. However, such fabrics would not compromise on its wind breaking ability. Usually these materials are more expensive.

Breathability – Not all fabrics are good wind stoppers, premium fabric that are good wind breakers allow sweat vapour escape but uses the laminated microporous polyurethane membrane to stop the wind. So it is more like a selective passage that breaks wind pressure but allows vapour in and out. Several other materials use a similar technology to achieve the same result for example some manufacturers use an anti-moisture liner layer with a tight outer layer as an alternative to polyurethane membrane. That said, the wind stopper technology to an extent makes a fabric waterproof but not as much as the established fabric brands when it comes to waterproof ability. So although water proof ability is not the major selling point of wind breakers, you would get light water proof ability as an added value. Having highlighted a wind stoppers light water proof ability, some folks like Oliver Twist would ask for more by expecting that the jacket would also insulate. Well wind jackets alone will not provide you good insulation but they contribute to insulation when you wear them as the last layer on jackets that insulate better as they stop the wind from getting to lower layers.

Fit: You don’t want a jacket that is bulky and clunky on you when cycling. This alone is excess weight that could increase the resistance of wind pressure on you. Although since it is a wind breaker it tends to negate this effect but you still feel quite uneasy especially if you are racing or training. All of these may not bother you much if you are cycling for leisure but as a rule of thumb we always advice that you try wind jackets on before purchasing them. If you are changing your wind jackets or shopping to add to the ones you have, do not assume the size charts of different manufacturers are all the same as a particular size going by a manufacturer’s size chart that is considered a small size could be in the medium size category of another manufacturer’s size chart. So a jacket carrying the same size tag like the one you had before could have a longer arm, a longer tail and may not be as fitting around the shoulders and waist like the one you had.

Extra features: Additional features contribute their bit to overall comfort and an enjoyable user experience; although some manufacturers can overdo things by adding features that are just not needed. Features that are necessary on a wind breaker jacket include high collars that do a good job in stopping wind from gaining entrance into openings around the neck; a dropped and raised front enhances your comfort on the bike; an elastic waist band stop the jacket from riding up and a pocket that doubles as a pouch to stuff the jacket into are equally important features. Full- length zips are essential features on light weight windproof jacket as they contribute to good ventilation.

Light enough to pack away: The lightweight of a wind proof jacket is one unique selling point we want to talk about again and again. Jackets do not get any lighter than this as you will scarcely get any other jacket that you can so easily fold into a jersey, backpack pocket or pannier. It is so easy to carry them along wherever you go with your bike.

With this in mind, you will be able to shop around for the best windbreaker jacket without much stress, because you already know what you’re looking for. Windbreakers can be found in virtually all stores that sells jackets and other outwear department stores as well as online stores. If you are purchasing a windbreaker for a physical store, it is advisable to try it on and ensure it fits you perfectly. It must not be too tight or too loose. This will make you feel comfortable while wearing them.

Windbreakers are versatile jackets that can be used in both warm and reasonably chilly weather to keep out wind, water, and dust. Most windbreakers are made of nylon, polyester, or tricot, and the type of material that should be chosen depends on the conditions in which the buyer will use the windbreaker. The same can be said about how the other features of windbreakers are chosen. In this guide, the buyer would have learned some helpful tips for choosing and buying windbreakers.

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